We all know that there are a tons of great Indian restaurants that serve Indian food n Kuwait, but that doesn’t make picking them any easier. As a foodie this usually ends with a search in Google( hmm…. did you just type in Biryani or Butter Chicken) for whatever dish you’re craving in the moment. Well to help you in the never ending search for “good Indian Restaurant” we’ve decided to help you out with a list of 5 Indian Restaurants to try out every month starting January 2020.

Copper Chimney

Located at the Avenues , Al – Kout & 89 Mall, Award winning Copper Chimney promises to make “Indian Food, Made Unforgettable.” Each Curry is made from scratch; each grill is marinated for multiple hours before making it onto each plate; each lentil is slow cooked; each biryani rice is individually layered with the best basmati rice, and each bread is hand-made. Every signature dish is prepared with Copper Chimney’s original secret spice mixes that have been carried forward over the past 3 generations. We recommend the Signature Chelo Kabab You can order them online also on Carriage, Talabat

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