Yogurt Curd

Yogurt is basically a form of curdled milk. Due to its so many benefits, Yogurt is one of the most popular food items around the world.


Health benefits of  Yogurt

1. Improves digestion and Great substitute of milk


People bothered with the stomach problems can get better by taking curd in appropriate amount. Boost their digestive system and make them feel better.

2. Boosts immunity

Immune System

Bacteria, present in the yogurt can strengthen your immune system

3. Strengthens bones and teeth

Teeth Bones

Contains calcium that plays a role in strengthening your bones and teeth

4. Eliminates dandruff


Dandruff is basically a fungal infection, and curd has anti-fungal properties mainly due to the availability of lactic acid

5. Releases anxiety and stress


Curd can lower levels of activity in your brain that’s directly related to pain and emotion.

6. Helps lose weight

Loose Weight

Simply need to eat at least 18 ounces of curd daily to shed some belly fat.

7. Improves cardiovascular health


Discourages the formation of cholesterol in your arterial region. Also prevent hypertension and promote better cardiovascular health.

8. Improves skin


Curd contains several minerals like vitamin E, zinc, and phosphorous, all of which play a role in improving your complexion and skin texture.


Things to Takecare while having Yogurt

  1. Curd should be used fresh always because stale curd can cause a range of troublesome side effects including diarrhea, vomiting, and abdominal cramping.

Fresh Yogurt


          2.Avoid the consumption of curd along with beef because they are considered as contrary foods, and not good for health.

Curd and Beef


              3. Obese people should avoid curds as it acts like a stimulant to put on weight. Curd causes heaviness and excess consumption will lead to constipation.



              4. One should not take curd at night; if taking then along with ghee, sugar, green gram soup, honey, or jaggery.

Curd with Honey

             5. If you have taken curd at night, then you should brush your teeth because some of the acid and bacteria in curd can produce a certain amount of damage on teeth.

            6. Avoid eating curd if you are suffering from fever, tonsils, cough or asthma.


            7. Consume curd very cautiously, if you are suffering from any skin disease.

           8. The patients of piles are advised to avoid the consumption of curd.

Too much Curd

           9. Taking one or two cups of curd per day is appropriate for the health, but taking too much curd can cause hyperacidity.

         10. Do not eat yogurt during fasting.


       11. It should not be taken hot.

Hot Curd

        12. If you are taking curds in the morning, then taking curd without sugar is better.


        13. Curd should not be consumed alone. Substances like sugar, jaggery, rock salt and should always be added to it.

Curd Jaggery


So, consuming yogurt or curd is good for health, but whether it will give you any side-effect will totally depend on your consumption. 

Curd Rice

If have it cautiously, then it will be safe.



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